Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ste. Louis de France Elementary School and related . . .

"first you see the nun's home, redbrick and bright in the morning sun, then the gloomy edifice of the schoolhouse itself with its longplank sorrow halls . . ." -- Visions of Gerard

"One afternoon--in the ghost yards of St. Louis, the crunchly gravels of recess, banana smells in the lockers, a nun combing my hair with the water of the pissoir drip-pipe . . ." Dr. Sax

" [...] vast basement of urinals and echo calls"

Last Station of the Cross - Franco-American Grotto (Lowell, MA. )

Ste. Louis de France Elementary School

This is one of two classrooms Jack Kerouac sat in for first grade. The other currently serves as the prinicipal's office. For the most part, the class remains the same as when he was there . . .

Partial View of Sun Building - Downtown Lowell, MA.

Franco-American School - Grotto

Crucifix - Franco-American School (Grotto)