Sunday, October 14, 2012

B.F. Keith's Theater - Then and Now

Another theatre that was important to Jack Kerouac during his boyhood was B.F. keith's Thatre. This venue was built in 1911 and was to be used primarily as a vaudeville theatre. It was located at 25-27 Bridge Street. On its exterior facing the canal, the words boasted that B.F. Keith's was the "house of perfect sound...VITAPHONE"

Part of the proceeds of the theatre funded Keith Academy for boys andKeith Hall for girls. In 1933 it officially became R.K.O. Keith's theatre and that it remained until 1965. The building remained empty until 1975 before it wa foreclosed upon by the city of Lowell for backtaxes and then razed a year later to become a parking lot.

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